South West London Printing Company

Think it looks great on screen? We make it look even better in print!

We believe that print can make a great design better. Committed to excellence in print and in customer service, Print Works is the printer of choice for some of South West London's leading businesses and household names.

We pride ourselves on establishing face-to-face relationships with our clients and operate on a first-name basis (clients are people, not numbers!). Regardless of your company size, or the size of the print job, we always deliver an excellent print and outstanding customer service.

We have over 40 years of experience in London's design and print industry. There's very little we haven't come across and you can be confident your print job is in safe hands with us.

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Our Team


Born in North London to Italian parents. Now living in Epsom with his wife, two children, one dog, one cat, and two goldfish. After leaving college with his design degree, He started working in the design and print world. In 2009 Massimo and Rhys had an idea to started Print Works, and the rest is history.

Likes -

Working, Great design, Good music, Wine, Vodka, Box sets (at the moment it’s Stranger Things), Walking the dog. F1 and the colour red.

Dislikes -

Being late, Marmite, Traffic Wardens and Moths


Born and brought up in New Zealand and Educated at Auckland University

Rhys has been in the print industry for 23 years and is one of the foremost print experts in the UK

Lives in New Malden with his wife and two children.

Likes -

Cheese, trees, peas and knees

Dislikes -

Frogs, bogs, smog, fog


Uruguayan born and bred, Lucia came to London 8 years ago after living in Venice and New York. She holds a degree in Design and recently completed an MA in Photography at the University of the Arts London. She has been working in design for more than a decade parallel to her career as an artist. 

Likes -

Art, Philosophy, Cycling around the city, the sea, good coffee, farmers’ markets and Pippi Longstockings

Dislikes -

Wet socks, waking up too early, single-use plastic


Experienced Financial Assistant with over 15 years of experience. She lives in Surrey with her family and numerous pets.

Likes -

Sunny holidays and long walks

Dislikes -

Being woken up too early and cold feet


Francesca has a degree in teaching and has worked for many years with children. She lives in the beautiful countryside ofWest Sussex with her husband and three beautiful boys.

Likes -

Loves animals and has a big ginger cat, two rabbits and two hamsters

Dislikes -

Pollution and is very interested in protecting the environment for the future generations

In print we trust

Hard work, honesty and attention to detail are the foundations of our business. You can trust us to treat your project, regardless of its size, with care and respect. We pride ourselves in establishing long-term relationships and work with clients to ensure a quality print is done every time.

Consider our team to be part of your team. Whether it's suggesting a custom finish, like spot UV printing, to achieve the look & feel you want, or finding a cost-effective solution (that doesn't sacrifice quality) when the budget is tight, we're here to help.

Committed to Clients

We're proud to say a number of our clients have been printing with us since we first hit the power button on a printer. Our clients, new and longstanding, benefit from our expert knowledge in print techniques and trends.

Operating on a tight deadline or tight budget? Our print industry experience means we deliver the print job you need when you need it, within budget. Yes, depending on the job, that includes same-day print & delivery.

Quality Printing

As part of our commitment to our clients, we always deliver a quality print. From reviewing artwork (or designing it ourselves!) to keeping you in the loop throughout the printing process, we aim to impress. That means you benefit from current technology and equipment combined with 40+ years of print industry experience.

Need a great printer? Let's talk.

Talk to us about your printing project, big or small on 020 7381 6561 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.