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Custom flags

Custom flag printing means you can literally fly your own flag. Various sizes & shapes are available so you can customise the flag to suit your needs.

  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Show-through printing
  • High-performance aluminium and GRP poles 

Flag printing in Putney

FEATHER FLAGS           FIN FLAGS                     TEARDROP FLAGS                CREST FLAGS

Superb quality flags printed on 117gsm Knitted Polyester with dye-sublimation process resulting in 80-90% show-through on the reverse.


Full-colour standard knitted polyester flag printed on one side.


These consist of two knitted polyester flags with a blockout membrane sandwiched between the two to avoid show-through from the other side. All three layers are stitched together and supplied as one item.


Small Feather Flag - 2560mm Tall              

Medium Feather Flag - 3150mm Tall              

Large Feather Flag - 4080mm Tall              

Extra Large Feather Flag - 5140mm Tall


flag_accessories_01_cross-brace-and-weight-bag_mini.jpg   Cross Brace & Weight Bag - for Small/Medium flags only

flag_accessories_02_large-cross-brace-and-weight-bag_mini.jpg   Large Cross Brace & Weight Bag - for Large/Extra Large flags

flag_accessories_03_metal-ground-spike_mini.jpg   Metal Ground Spike - for all flag sizes

plastic-ground-screw.jpg  Plastic Ground Spike - for Small/Medium flags only

flag-accessories_05_basic-parasol-base.jpg   Basic Parasol Base - for Small/Medium flags only

flag-accessories_05_medium-parasol-base.jpg    Medium Parasol Base - for all flag sizes

images.jpg   Large Parasol Base - for all flag sizes. Intended for large and extra large.

download1.jpg  Premium Parasol Base with Feet - for all flag sizes. Intended for large and extra large.

Flag-Popular-Square-Base.png       Square Base (Small / 7kg) - for indoor use with Small/Medium flags only

Flag-Popular-Square-Base.png       Square Base (Large / 12kg) - for indoor use with all flag sizes. Intended for large and extra large.

metal-drive-on-flag-base-740x587.jpg     Car Foot - for all flag sizes

Design services


Our in-house design team can professionally design your Flag, including sourcing or creating amazing visuals to engage the reader.

Call us on 020 7381 6561 or email